The Trust Map project brings together a multi-disciplinary team covering four UK Universities. The biographies below detail team members’ particular contributions to our collective inquiry.

Karen Salt, University of Aberdeen – Principle Investigator

Karen Salt has worked on issues of race and power for nearly twenty years. During that time, she has led research projects on social and health inequities, run non-profits (at the regional and international level), assisted national and international agencies in their crafting of materials on these issues and conducted community-based training and courses for a variety of age levels. After returning to university for an advanced degree, Karen channeled this work into a focused research programme on race, sovereignty, power and politics, with a particular emphasis on the interplay of these dynamics in the Caribbean and African diaspora. Karen leads The Trust Map project, and with the Aberdeen researcher will be overseeing activities conducted with project collaborators in Glasgow and the Isle of Hoy.

Emma Flynn, Durham University – Co-Investigator

Emma is a Professor within the School of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences and Health, Durham University. Her research focuses on various aspects of socio-cognitive development, including social learning (observational learning, peer tutoring and collaboration), the acquisition, transmission and evolution of cultural behaviours and the development of, and inter-relations between, theory of mind and executive functioning. In The Trust Map project, Emma is leading work around the taxonomy of trust models and concepts, and with the Durham researcher will be overseeing activities conducted with the project collaborators in Country Durham and Haringey, North London.

Catherine Wilkinson, Durham University – Researcher

Catherine is a Post Doctoral Research Associate on the Trust Map, within the School of Education. Catherine completed her PhD in Human Geography at the University of Liverpool. Her PhD involved 18 months of ethnographic research, where she adopted a participatory mixed-methods approach to explore the ways in which young people use community radio as a platform to find and realise their voices, build stocks of social capital, and create their own communities and senses of belonging. On The Trust Map project Catherine will be managing the day-to-day activities with the project collaborators in Country Durham, and will be conducting long-term fieldwork based in Haringey, North London, studying, participating in, and undertaking community development and engagement projects.

Jo Briggs, Northumbria University – Co-Investigator

Jo is Anniversary Research Fellow in Media and Communication Design at Northumbria University. Jo uses practice-led design approaches (e.g. Participatory Design, co-design and digital prototyping among wider creative practices)  to explore complex and/or emergent digital-socio systems across two interconnecting themes: design for digital engagement (or digital ‘literacies’) and the design, use and ‘disruptive’ effects of peer-to-peer systems and platforms. Jo is working closely with Northumbria researcher Alistair MacDonald, and co-I John Vines, on the planning, design and implementation of participatory workshops at the Haringey site and in association with Durham University researcher Catherine Wilkinson.

Alistair Macdonald, Northumbria University – Research Associate

Alistair is Interaction Design Researcher on The Trust Map and based in Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Alistair is an experienced hardware and software developer with more than twenty years’ experience working on a range of projects from large scale government data systems to consumer digital radios. He is a very active member of the North East developer and maker communities and a proud founding member of Newcastle’s Maker Space.

Alistair will be exploring new ways of developing and exploiting designed community technologies, working in close association with groups and individuals in the London Borough of Haringey and County Durham.

John Vines, Newcastle University – Co-Investigator

John Vines is a Lecturer in the School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, based in the interdisciplinary Open Lab. John works across the fields of design and human-computer interaction, and his research focuses on studying the impact new forms of technology has on citizen and community participation, activism, health and care and relational public service design. John has a specific interest and expertise in collaborative and participatory design, and a large amount of his research centres on developing and refining methods and techniques for involving citizens in meaningful ways at the earliest opportunity in design processes. On The Trust Map project he contributes expertise in relation to interaction design and community engagement around technology, and works closely with Jo Briggs and Alistair Macdonald at Northumbria University.

Ian Johnson, Newcastle University – Contributing Researcher

Ian is a doctoral researcher based in Open Lab, Newcastle University. His PhD research is funded through the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics at Newcastle, where he is studying participatory governance around situations where local communities manage, oversee, commission and co-ordinate devolved budgets and funds, with a view to understanding the role of technology in these processes. He is contributing to the Trust Map project through studying the participatory budgeting activities in and around County Durham, and developing ideas and activities for supporting new forms of participation in community votes and debate.